Jarrah Honey TA40+ 380g

Jarrah Honey TA40+ 380g

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Jarrah trees (Eucalyptus marginata) are exclusive to the southwest region of Western Australia

There is nothing quite like Jarrah honey. Raw and unheated it remains clear, smooth, and rarely crystalizes. A very rare feature in natural honey.  
Jarrah honey is highly sort after worldwide and it is easy to see why. Jarrah honey is:
 Considered therapeutically active.
 a powerful healer, possessing antimicrobial and antifungal properties. 
 is high in antioxidants, in fact double the antioxidants of manuka honey. 
 it is a prebiotic powerhouse, promoting production of higher concentration of Butyric Acid which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
 has a low Glycaemic index (GI) with having naturally a high ration of fructose to glucose ratio.

Jarrah honey is unique to Western Australia and a powerful healer – along with antibacterial benefits it has low glucose levels and highly antimicrobial properties that makes it a particularly powerful healer… with a delicious taste.

Jarrah honey is highly sort after worldwide and taste so good.

Jarrah trees, also called Eucalyptus marginata, are unique to Western Australia.

​​Jarrah honey tastes yummy and so even the fussiest eaters like it. Jarrah also has different health properties to Manuka. And so the two have different measures. Jarrah has twice as many antioxidants (the compounds that protect us against cancer causing free radicals) than Manuka! All honey contains naturally occurring enzymes that give honey its antimicrobial properties. But Jarrah honey has one of the highest potencies of antimicrobial activity in the world as well as being high in minerals and antioxidants – hence it has amazing healing abilities. Jarrah honey also has a very low glycemic index (lower GI than other honeys and sugar).

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